Khwai, Savute, Eagle Island

Gametrackers actually consists of three very differently sited lodges which allow the traveller to experience widely differing habitats. They are all on, or near, the delta of the Okavango River, a river that never reaches the sea but settles into a massive, lush wetland delta before soaking away into the arid Kalahari Desert's insatiable sands. The perverse Okavango floods in mid-dry season and makes numerous inexplicable twists in its course. Because of this it also creates a wealth of contrasting eco-systems, each supporting an astonishing multiplicity of wildlife, from small delicate creatures to the biggest game of all.

Travellers may choose from three sophisticated watering holes which will allow them to experience this wonderful area to the full: the drylands' Savute Elephant Camp; the grasslands' Khwai River Lodge; and the Delta's Eagle Island Camp at Xaxaba. Each of the lodges is constructed in the manner most ecologically suited to the area in order to minimise disturbance.


Eagle Island Camp is in the area that boasts the highest concentration of fish eagles on earth. Even though the Okavango Delta is technically known as a swamp, the water is remarkably clear, free from impurities and heavily stocked with fish. Thus the huge variety of bird life: pelicans, herons, storks, darters, cormorants and many others. At the camp, adventuring with nature does not preclude comfort. You sleep in one of twelve twin-bedded chalets with private bathrooms, designed to complement the natural surroundings.

Morning safari is followed by a hearty brunch, after which wise creatures take refuge from the heat. Your refuge includes a large swimming pool, undercover lounges, and an elevated viewing deck which makes the ideal venue to watch the sunset over the Delta. Mokoro dugout canoes, motorised boats and a fourteen seater Sundowner cruiser facilitate wonderful river trips.


Khwai River Lodge, at Moremi, is one of the longest established game lodges in Botswana. With its commanding view of the Khwai River flood plain, the location is near perfect for observing the perennial drama of the African bushveldt. Shaded by leadwood and fig trees, it offers cool relaxation between busy expeditions. You are always surrounded by nature in profusion. Elephant, hippo and other game heavyweights can be seen from the lodge and its grounds. The lodge itself comprises twelve twin-bedded, guest bungalows with private bathrooms and thatched roofs. An undercover dining room offers delicious cuisine at all the strange hours kept by game watchers, and a pool allows you to cool yourself in the heat of the day. Game drives permit guests to see the herds of antelope and zebra grazing the veldt, or maybe elephant, lion, cheetah or kudu. The after-dark spotlight drives, to observe night creatures hunting and feeding, offer a glittering nightlife!


Savute Elephant Camp explores yet another aspect of Africa. Savute is an object lesson in aridity. In the far north of Botswana, in the Kalahari Sandveldt, rain is rare. The Camp lies on the Savute Channel - an eccentric waterway with cycles that lurch between bone-dry and flooding. You are accommodated under airy canvas in the large tents that are best suited to the desert air. However, these tents are fitted with shower rooms, plenty of hot water, electric fans and heaters, private viewing decks, shaver plugs and facilities for charging video batteries. Throughout the year, opportunities to view game and the astonishing birdlife are superb. Every day, the professional ranger will guide your vehicle to within close viewing range of herds of impala, tsessebe, giraffe and zebra, and within close focus range of their predators - lion, leopard and cheetah. However, in Savute, one animal reigns supreme. This is the place to see elephant - during the dry season it is even possible to see herds of as many as two hundred drinking together at the Savute waterholes. When the rains come in December the once dry plains sustain for a shorter period herds of migrating zebra in their thousands, followed by their predators, such as lions and hyenas. Savute shows you the essence of Africa.


·          Game drives

·          Birdwatching from hide

·          Heated swimming pool

·          Visits to bushman rock paintings

·          Curio shop

·          Viewing decks, video and monitor, book/video library, undercover dining and lounge area

·          12 twin-bedded tents, with private viewing deck, private bathroom, overhead fan, air conditioning and heaters


·          Game drives

·          Guided walks

·          After-dark spotlight game drives

·          Birdwatching

·          Game flights available

·          Heated swimming pool

·          Viewing platform overlooking river, video and monitor, book/video library, bar

·          Curio shop

·          12 twin-bedded thatched bungalows with air-conditioning and private bathroom


·          Guided game and bird walks

·          Fishing

·          Boats, canoes and Sundowner cruiser (water levels permitting)

·          Game flights available

·          Swimming pool

·          Curio shop

·          Undercover dining and lounge area, illuminated walkways, book/video library, video and monitor, raised viewing deck and bar over lagoon

12 twin-bedded chalets with private bathrooms


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