Mombo Camps

Hidden from the world and situated just off the north-western tip of Chief's Island, is the secret paradise of Mombo. Sometimes an island of its own, sometimes linked to Chiefs Island, the region is constantly modified by the ebb and flow of the delta's waters. Mombo Camp is situated deep within Moremi, beneath huge trees on the edge of a broad floodplain. Large concentrations of wildlife, including all the large predators, occur in this remote and isolated wilderness. Because of this, several award-winning wildlife documentaries have been filmed here.


One of the highest quality wildlife viewing opportunities is available here - giant umbrella thorns and ilala palms dot the expansive plains to create a magnificent savannah landscape alongside the marshes and floodplains of the Delta. Drives in open 4x4's explore the area - elephant, buffalo, leopard, cheetah and all the other major predators are common in the region. A large pack of wild dog frequent the area around the camp and have successfully raised large litters in recent years. Birdlife is prolific, with waterfowl and waders being particularly common.


Newly refurbished, the camp offers luxurious tented accommodation. New Mombo has nine tents and Little Mombo has only three. Whichever camp you stay in you will be assured of personal attention and service. All the tents are raised on platforms, have proper doors, private bathrooms, additional outside showers, and ceiling fans. The communal areas feature a lounge, bar and dining room, as well as a plunge pool for a cooling dip. The "kgotla" is the protected outdoor area where you will dine under the wide star-spangled night sky, and enjoy the safari tales and reminiscing about the excitements of the day.


·          Both camps have the same facilities

·          Game drives

·          Walking trails

·          Curio shop

·          Plunge pool

·          Dining room, lounge, bar on raised deck under thatch

·          New Mombo has 9 tented rooms with private bathrooms and additional outside shower

·          Little Mombo has 3 tented rooms with private bathrooms and additional outside shower

·          Open in year 2000


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